Insurance Jobs - Employing Protection?

Insurance Jobs - Employing Protection?

When I think about insurance I think about big lump sums of money. Oh, not money from insurance claims or settlements, but rather the mountains of money insurance rakes in every day for people who pay them to be protected from the unexpected. Whether this money actually meets back up with the people who pay in is up for debate, but the fact is many people have jobs that are based on insurance.

Think about your own life and what you own that is insured. Cars, homes, boats, jewelry, pets, your own life and health, and probably a whole list of others might apply. This is a lot of stuff and a lot for insurance companies to keep track of - which is why they hire people to do it all for them. There are many different types of positions but probably the one most people are familiar with are claims adjusters and insurance agents (including salespeople).

With all of this stuff to insure and sometimes thousands of employees to handle, there is a lot of money that goes into collection and distribution of assets that accumulate and this requires more skilled people to handle, these people are generally at the higher tiers of employment and titles can vary.

With all of the above said, the insurance industry has been hit hard by the recession. Many insurance companies were insuring debt being held by banks and other institutions who were behaving recklessly with the Mortgage Crisis. As such, many had losses that ultimately closed them down. The job market for the insurance industry has been effected with the closing of businesses and the laying off of employees.

So where are the jobs at? This is the same question many are asking - and in addition to this - even more are wondering where all the money they paid to have something insured went when they needed it.